Spray Suppressant

Spray Suppressant for AutomotiveSchlegel Spray Suppressant System works by taking water, dirt, grime and chemicals on the road that are thrown up by vehicle wheels and then redirects it back to the road surface, minimizing the effect on other drivers. Schlegel’s Spray Suppressant systems can help improve driver visibility by up to 97%, while also helping to keep your truck or vehicle cleaner, with its signage more apparent. With just a minimal investment, you can help increase the safety, integrity and appearance of your fleet or individual vehicle!

Schlegel’s heavy duty spray suppressant brush systems are available in flexible, arched and straight versions, and are available in both rolls and lengths! Whether you need a large bulk order, or you are simply looking to outfit a single vehicle, Schlegel can help!

Benefits & Features Include:

  • Improves visibility as much as 97%
  • Helps truck signage to look better longer and stay cleaner
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Economical cost to outfit entire fleets
  • Durable poly fibers are strong, won’t break
  • Trucks stay cleaner and signage looks better
  • Multiple sizes and shapes fit most vehicles
  • Unique design helps prevent brake/tire heat build up
  • Two mounting options – Flexible rubber-wire and aluminum – can be applied to any tractor-trailer configuration
  • Rubber-wire application method allows radius side mounting for tractor steer wheels, tanker fenders, quarter fenders, and school bus steer wheels

At Schlegel, we’re proud to say that 100% of our products are made in New York, USA. We use only the highest quality in materials and manufacturing processes for superior quality that you can count on. When it comes to your truck or fleet, trust Schlegel! Contact us today for a fast, free quote!